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EverQuest Next News

by CountCogpox, 1756 days ago

Here are the debut videos of EverQuest Next shown at SOE Live August 2nd, 2013. All members should watch the videos and be prepared to play. It is currently believed to be free-to-play and will be the best in that class. They are doing some revolutionary shit here for MMORPGs and the legion will need to be part of it. Enjoy your first taste; more is to come.

This video is mostly the intro. Skip to minute 28 to see the presentation start.

This is the core of the presentation. Be sure to see this.

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Destiny News

by CountCogpox, 1809 days ago

Check out this beautiful in-game footage of Destiny from E3 2013. It is hard to believe this will be on Xbox One and PS4. They are raising the bar for console MMOs.

E3 2013 Gameplay Video

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WildStar News

by CountCogpox, 1834 days ago

WildStar is coming along nicely. Looks smooth and original so far. Let's keep our eye on this one. Check out these videos.

What is WildStar?



Housing System

Obvious Felborn Faction Introduction

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